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[Modern english examination practice P.181 อ.สมบูรณ์ จรจวบโชค]
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Reading Comprehension (อ่านให้เข้าใจแล้วตอบคำถาม .. ใจเย็น ๆ ท่านมีเวลาคิดอีกนาน)

why do we make people do exams? It's a strange form of torture to go through just for a piece of paper.
In the months before the exam it seems all right. You tell yourself that what you don't know today you can learn tomorrow. Then come the last few weeks, and the desperate rush to learn all the things you put off till a tomorrow that never came, culminating in the last few days, as you realize that what you don't know you'll never learn.
The day of the exam arrives, and you have to make sure you go to the right place on time, well supplied with pens, pencils and tranquilizers. What really undermines your confidence is that all the other candidates seem so calm and self-assured.
When you finally look at the paper, it's a bit of an anti-climax. It's never as bad as you feared, and you remember most of the things you thought you'd forgotten. :

1. People take exams ___ .
a. To obtain paper qualifications.
b. To earn their livings.
c. To get a piece of paper.
d. To gain experience.

2. The last few weeks are different from the months before on exam because ___ .
a. There is a desperate rush to learn.
b. You felt hopeless to pass the exam.
c. You felt tired of working hard.
d. There only a little time left.

3. What you take with you to an exam are ___ .
a. Pens, pencils and pieces of paper.
b. Pens, rubbers and rulers.
c. Pens, pencils and tranquilizers.
d. Pens, ink and pieces of paper.

4. What makes you fell less confident when you get to the exam?
a. You've worked hard all the time.
b. You felt ready for everything.
c. All the other candidates seem to be nervous.
d. All the other candidates seem to be calm and confident.

5. The exam paper is an anti-climax because ___ .
a. it is never as difficult as you had thought.
b. it is as easy as you had thought.
c. you felt so excited that you couldn't do anything.
d. it is more difficult than you had thought.

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