Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex  
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Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex
 Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex Concentrated Natural Latex
 Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex Disposable Latex Gloves
 Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex Extruded Rubber Thread







WELCOME to THAITEX GROUP (Rubber thread)      


We have been continuously improving our manufacturing process, logistics network, and material supply management to ensure that we are fully capable of delivering the finest product to our customers when they want. Our devotions to quality are aimed at providing real customer benefits, the benefits that last resulting in maximum customer satisfaction.

Thai Rubber Latex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of latex concentrate, disposable rubber glove, extruded rubber thread, talcum coated rubber thread, and various rubber products. Our core competitiveness is derived from consistency of supply, high-quality products, and spontaneous customer services. That is contributable to our success. For more than three decades, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation has stably become one of the most recognized concentrated latex producers in Thailand and gained numerous reputations within rubber industry worldwide. Please click here to go to Thaitex Group web site. ( Rubber Thread



Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited has been a leading producers of concentrate latex, special compound latex and various  latex-related products including disposable latex glove, extruded rubber thread, rubber foam for bedding equipment and (rubber thread,extruded rubber threads,vulcanized rubber threads,latex thread,round cross-section threads,elastic yarns,rubber yarns,rubber tapes,ribboned rubber threads,latex supplier, latex manufacturer exporter, gloves,latex gloves, disposable latex gloves,latex examination gloves,latex concentrate,latex producer,natural latex concentrate,natural rubber,natural latex gloves).

Concentrated Natural Latex :
With nine factories located in rubber plantation area throughout the country, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation can supply concentrate latex with capacity over 100,000 metric ton a year.
Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex
Extruded Rubber Thread:
World Flex public Company Limited is a producer of high-quality rubber thread. We are striving to meet all requirements of clients and to improve our capability for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex
Disposable Latex Glove:
We produce Latex Medical Examination Gloves for supply on OEM basis to some of the leading brands in the medical industry. Our won brand PROSAFE is well accepted in the medial industry and internationally recognized as a benchmark for high quality.
Ruber Thread, Rubber Glove, Natural Latex

More than three decades of latex manufacturing experience along with the most stable supply of raw material available, makes THAITEX GROUP the world’s largest manufacturer of concentrate natural latex. Our products go through strict manufacturing process and thorough inspection to assure our customers receive only the finest quality product,elastic yarnsrubber yarns. is the leading producers of Rubber Thread.
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